Offshore Software Development

Implementing offshore software development for business is more than achieving cost reductions on the day-to-day business operations. The outsourcing model should help the organization develop a framework that drives innovation. Being a pioneering IT solutions company with many years of experience, Lexon Loyde has come a long way in offering effective and innovative offshore software development solutions to our business clients. We are an esteemed offshore application development company, and hence, outsourcing is our forte. With a unified approach towards business applications and processes, we leverage the advantages of offshore application outsourcing, offering a myriad of solutions that specifically cater to the needs of our business customers.

Offshore Software Development Solutions

Lexon Loyde offers offshore software development solutions in several categories, ensuring overall growth and profits are realized in each business process and application.

Build- Operate- Maintain: If you desire to set up an offshore applications development company, we can help you form a capbable team by hiring and training talented human resource personnel. Furthermore, we will help develop your client projects from the beginning testing stages to the final live release. The project can then be transferred to Lexon Loyde’s support desk where business solutions will be maintained at a fixed annual cost, providing integration and support services as well.

Hire Developers: In your own efforts to develop an offshore applications company, Lexon Loyde can provide skillful developers from our expert talent pool. These proficient developers will utilize our resources and develop software for your business, but under your team supervision and management. Simply let us know how many developers you require and for how long, and we will aquire the best resources for you.

Outsource Projects: Lexon Loyde provides our clients a lucrative opportunity to outsource their projects through us. By sub-contracting your projects to our expert offshore software development solutions, you can enjoy the benefits of proficiently skilled manpower and cost effective solutions.

Custom Software Development: We focus on designing and developing custom software applications for business and individuals, while the rights and ownership remains with them. Our clients can focus on important business functions, while we develop the software according to their requirements and specifications.

Application Support and Maintenance: This is an integral offshore development service offered by Lexon Loyde. With a 24/7 help desk and commitment to quality adherence, we ensure competent support and maintenance of the software applications we develop.

Lexon Loyde specializes in delivering offshore software development solutions for different applications like client server, web based application, enterprise, multi-tier architecture, and mobile applications.