Networking Services

Given our technological depth and breadth, we have developed a common approach that underlies all our areas of operation. We consistently deliver solutions that maximize value for our customers. This approach rests on a strategy where we AIM for success:


We Architect, Integrate and Manage technology services and solutions. The founder and original employees are senior level networking professionals with master’s and doctorate degrees.  Lexon Loyde's founder has served as a senior member of IT Departments for Fortune 500 Companies such as Lucent Technologies, AT&T, and Merrill Lynch. Through his technical knowledge and business acumen, the company has already gained a good number of clients, and has earned a reputation of living up to the promise of honoring every single commitment.

The network engineers employed by the Network Services Group are experts in their field. Network Services are our first link to our clients, meeting with each client to get an understanding of the networking needs, budgeting requirements, and expected results. With this information, Network Services utilizes its resources as a Microsoft Certified Solutions Provider and Cisco Premiere Partner to effectively and efficiently plan the modeling of the network solution. Upon approval, Network Services implements this plan with minimal downtime and with results that speak for themselves.

More than ever, the understanding of complex issues within the global IT industry is key to effective leadership and action.