Mobile Application Development

Proliferation of mobile phones has opened up new avenues for enterprises. Today, many businesses equip the workforce with smart phone devices, enhancing productivity and deriving efficiency from business processes. The mobile phone serves a new generation driving service delivery and technology consumption to a new level. It has evolved into a new computing platform, bringing in improved technology prospects and effective communication.

In this era of mobile revolution, Lexon Loyde brings the most effective communication and technology patterns along with next generation mobile application development to help business capitalize on this booming technology . With years of experience in mobile networking, we can deliver high performance, low cost applications for many devices and platforms. By utilizing superior quality application development processes and services, we design dynamic applications that specifically suit high-tech smart phones. We employ the best debugging tools, emulators, and codes to ensure continuous performance in all of our high quality mobile applications.

Why Choose Lexon Loyde?

Lexon Loyde, with its expert proficiency and years of experience, offers the best mobile computing services based on diverse technology platforms like Embedded VC++ Software Development, J2ME application development, MFC, Microsoft Compact Framework, and many others. We have demonstrated vivid mobile computing strength by designing and developing different smart architectures like Production Planning, Mobile Computing Framework, Reporting System, and other vital robust platforms.

With a competent team of technology professionals, we execute smart projects for mobile application development, PDA application development, pocket PC, smart phones, PDA design, and cell phone applications. We have also designed and developed mobile computing solutions on different devices like Windows, JAVA enabled, Symbian, Blackberry, and other hand held devices. Lexon Loyde delivers expertise in mobile solutions that work effectively in pseudo online or real time online, supporting direct printing. To make it more convenient for our clients, we work in wired and different types of wireless modes like Infrared, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPRS, and GSM.

Mobile Application Development Solutions for your Business

With mobile application development solutions, Lexon Loyde is highly effective for organizations that have an existing internet application. We offer quick turnaround and redesign existing applications, which are extended into a wireless environment. The mobile solutions at Lexon Loyde are developed capitalizing on cutting edge technology, thus, delivering an innovative wireless application that enhances productivity, cut costs, and generate higher revenues for our clients.

Lexon Loyde has designed and developed mobile applications for diverse business verticals, including SMS management, sales and distribution, surveys and promotion, restaurant management, and other effective solutions for business enterprises.