HTML5 is the fifth revised version of World Wide Web language HTML and is one of the most sought after web application development platforms. HTML5 applications easily support audio & video playbacks even without plugins, furthermore, these applications are easily supported by most of the latest mobile devices including iPhone & iPad. Such interactive and advanced features, have increased the demand for expert HTML5 developers.

HTML offers a wide array of powerful features through HTML5 web development using features like multimedia, 3D graphics, effects, CSS3, realtime communication, file / hardware access etc. At Lexon Loyde, we believe in providing the best quality web solutions using the latest web tools and technologies. Our expert HTML5 developers have hands on experience developing quality web applications for various clients.

Apart from web development, HTML5 is also extensively used for mobile website development. The most significant advantage of developing mobile apps using HTML5 is that the application can be cross compiled to work on various mobile devices like iPhone / iPad, Android, BlackBerry and Windows phones efficiently. The latest version of HTML5 easily supports multimedia graphics & animation and ensures mobile & web applications are highly interactive and innovative. At Lexon Loyde, we use HTML5 and CSS3 for developing highly functional, rich and robust business and enterprise applications to meet today’s competitive requirements.

Key benefits of HTML5 development:

  • Supported by all the latest browsers and mobile devices including iPhone & iPad
  • Supports simple to complex animations, graphics, audio & video
  • Provides Gelocation tagging features
  • Provides incredible browsing experience
  • No external plugins required to support audio & video files
  • Supports SEO friendly web application development
  • Supports mobile application development with extraordinary features